A young man that’s been living a life of crime has finally come face to face with his fate,
but it’s up to his Godfather to save him from making the biggest mistake of life.
LA, a young man indulging in a life of crime, has come to a crossroads. After the tragic death of his rival Kareem, he’s been receiving external pressure from his girlfriend, Sonya, to be the right man for their family. All of the pressure is forcing him to re-evaluate his decisions, as he knows they are leading him down a path of destruction. He knows that he must change his ways but feels tangled with his ties to the “God Bless” organization.

Rosenberg, a veteran police officer, is trying to decrease the violence in the neighborhood and discovers that the “God Bless” organization has infiltrated the neighborhood. After receiving a tip that LA is one of their suppliers, he offers him a deal that will give him a way out of the streets.

LA agrees to the deal, but his feelings quickly change once he learns of his father’s killer. LA sets out on a mission to seek vengeance. It’s up to Bumpy, LA’s godfather and newly elected mayor of Philadelphia, to stop LA from making the biggest mistake of his life.

When everything is on the line, will LA choose to avenge his father’s murder or take the advice of his Oldhead and walk away from the game for good to be with his family?


Main Actors

LA – Anthony “Dappa” Samuels

Anthony “Dappa” Samuels is a multi-talented artist, best known as “DAPPA”, with a diverse range of accomplishments. He has acted in several productions, including the role of Teddy Pendergrass in the BBC films documentary “Teddy Pendergrass: If you don’t know me” and “Crowd Member 2” in his first feature film, Patticake$. He has also been featured in BoostMobile’s “Summer Break” campaign and in Nike’s “Powered by Flow” commercial, where he rapped alongside Fat Joe, Sheck Wes, and Haha Davis. In addition to his acting career, Samuels has released several albums, including “Thanks for Nothin” in 2019, which has over 500,000 streams, “Dough Forever” in 2020, which has over 100,000 streams; and “Thanks for Nothin 2,” which has over 1 million streams.

Sloan Morgan – D4M$loan

Best known for his hard-hitting lyrics, gritty vocals, and wild beats, D4M $loan is representing for his hometown of West Philly, the birthplace of his D4M collective. After releasing his debut full-length project in 2021, Full Moon, Sloan broke out in a big way earlier this year with his infectious hit “Swagg Talk” — the song itself has already racked up over 3M streams on Spotify alone. With a rapid string of singles following “Swagg Talk”‘s success, including “Drive Who Crazy,” “Vogue Love,” “Swiper,” and “Purple Lazy,” a principal starring role as Darnell on Peacock’s Fresh Prince reboot, Bel Air, and synch placements in season 1’s episodes 5 and 8, we can’t wait to see what is coming next from the eclectic hip-hop visionary and multi-hyphenate.


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